Wednesday, April 6, 2011


USO Interview,

Today, two representatives from the USO came to the condo to accomplish an interview for a future story in a USO correspondence that goes around the world. The objective was to interview the family and how Jake has integrated into our lives. Jake mastered the interview process with ease. He enjoyed the attention, had his picture taken and showed how he has mastered various household tasks. Jake demonstrated draging Sonny's medical bag from the bed room to the living room, bringing keys to Sonny while on his scooter and how to proceed down the hall next to the scooter and how to properly enter and exit an elevator. The conversation also centered around the excellent training Jake received through the paws4vets organization. We are all looking farward to the article and hope it will demonstrate the importance dogs have on the lives of service members and civilians to help accomplish simple yet difficult task around the household. Jake and the other service animals all help improve the quality of life for the person they are helping.

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