Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Good Evening ALl,

Jake and I have had a very interesting week or so. First, Terry came for a training visit and we also visited the National Rehab Hospital and the VA Hospital in NW DC. Nobody said a thing about Jake coming into either hospital. Jake did not do anything wrong and went to sleep when we were having conversations with individuals in the hospitals. Interesting that Jake went into the mem's room and while resting his bones, somebody used the hand blow dryer vs using paper towels. Well, this thing sounded like the back end of a C-130 engine during take off. It was powered up and almost pulled itself off the wall. Jake never moved. I was very proud of him. When I went into the doctor's office, you could tell the doctor was not that wild about dogs being in her office. Jake made himself right at home, didn't bother a thing and had a nice nap. The doctor finished the exam on me and ended the conversation by saying that in India, dogs would never have been allowed into a hospital, but your dog is really nice. With that, Jake got up and we both departed her office. On Friday night around 2200 hours, I decided to make my bi-hourly trip to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I crashed about half way there and hit my head against the oak chest of drawers. I lost that battle and with the cuts on my head, I was out like a light for over 5 minutes. Peggy was frantic, Jake was calm and knew exactly what to do. Peggy mopped up the blood and Jake licked me from ear to ear. Peggy couldn't find a dry spot on my face. Jake tried to wake me up and did his best to help Peggy. I am so very proud of him for his efforts as well as his assistance to Peggy. Now we have a new routine to figure out and that is how to call for help when I fall and knock myself out. A good thing for everyone to ponder. What happens if you fell and knocked yourself out and were bleeding? Do you have a plan? This situatuion could happen to you and you need to consider what you or your wife would do. We have ordered a 911 phone and are going to train Jake to find and grab the phone and press the only button on the phone --911.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Good afternoon folks. Today was a rather bad day for me. I really took a hard fall. Interestingly, Jake was right there trying to assist. He immediately knew something was wrong and has not left my side all afternoon. Peggy was standing right beside us so we did not get a chance to practice the alert command and at that moment, I just wanted to stabilize. Jake was so upset that I sat down in the chair and he immediately jumped into my lap and did not move for two hours. He really knew something was bad wrong.

Monday, March 14, 2011


MEMO TO ALL PAWS4VET DOGS: My name is Jake and I have a few words to say to all dogs. My boss took me to the Vet clinic to get updates on all my shots the other afternoon. He lied about how easy things were going to be. First off, the vet tech stuck this glass rod up my you know where, somewhat to the rear of my body and slightly below my tail. Then he took it out and said I was just fine. Easy for him to say. That was not fun and it got worse from there. The vet guy had a chain around his neck and that scared me so right away I did not like this guy. He made me very uneasy and this metal type table was very slick and I could not get any traction to get away. I was trapped. Then this gang of folks shot some stuff up my nose which I did not appreciate at all. I snorted, but that did not help the matter. At that point, the military girl grabbed my nose and I almost got snuffed out before she would let me take a gulp of air. At last, I was breathing again and I felt much better. Again, this girl said it was for the best, whatever that means. Then all of a sudden, this man held me by my harness and the girl brought this big and I mean big pointed thing next to me and rammed it down the back of my neck. She said it was for my own protection to be internationally micro chipped. Well, I didn't see her get micro chipped so how do I know it was for my own good. Then this fellow said things were almost over when this girl pulled my lose skin up off the back of my neck and drilled me again with this sharp pointed object. Not sure what it was, but she rubbed my back and I felt much better. She also said it was all over and I had been a good boy. Not sure how much worse it could get, then I found out later. I got home and was sore, did not feel good and had bad poops for several days. As a warning to all dogs, if your owner says you are going to the vet and says it is for your own good, be careful and be sure to tuck your tail. Love to all, Jake.


Good Evening,

Jake has had an exciting week. Courtney and I took Jake to the Fort Belvoir, VA Vet clinic and had an update on all his shots to include spray up the nose, new rabies shots, a batch of other shots and then an international micro chip inserted. Jake did not like the civilian vet tech but thought the military vet tech as really nice. The civilian tech was wearing a neckless and Jake did not approve of this chain hanging in his face. This is the second time we have run into this problem. As a result, the military vet tech had to come in and finish the shots wehile the civilisan vet tech maintained control of Jake. He did not do anything wrong, but was very uneasy. It should be noted that we can handle Jake much better with a top hook harness vs a harness where the lead is put on his chest.Helikes that much better and can be controlled much easier. On this oming Wednesday, Jake, Terry Henry and I are going to visit the National Rehab Hospital and then cross over the street and go to the VA center in NW DC. Should be an interesting day. Have a great evening. Sonny

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jake has a few words to say

Evening all,

My name is Jake and I came to live with Sonny and Peggy just 13 days ago and boy what a change in my life there has been. First, I can tell you that life is much easier living in a condo instead of on top of a hill in WVA. I am getting two squares a day with lots of treats for doing odd jobs that I was trained for. Thus far, I have managed to open doors, get socks and shoes, bring sticks, get keys, run a mile a day on a lead, learn how to get on and off elevators, go through doors and how to not bark in the condo. Every day there seems to be greater things for me to accomplish. First I learned how to walk on a balcony that is 16 stories up and the view is fantastic, however, looking through the glass is not all that fun. I have managed to walk to the edge and look down, but the birds flying by gave me a scare. Nobody said I had to be brave. I have gotten brushed every day, had my teeth brushed and then Sonny put after shave lotion, or something like that, behind my ears. Took me all day to get the smell to go away. Meanwhile, I have learned my way throughout the condo and around the complex. There are 4 buildings that all look alike, but my smellier tells me which one I actually live in. Sonny tells me that I can never go out exit on G level again since I screwed up the exit and got all messed up with some other dogs who were also trying to exit the elevator. Live and learn. Meanwhile, I know I am restricted to exit B2 and the front door from now on. At my specified dog walk, I have run into several nice dogs as well as nice folks. I do not mind going out to the dog walk except when it is cold, wet, raining or the like of other kinds of weather. I think my dad says I am a warm weather hot house dog. Guess I better get with the program and learn what else I can get into tonight. I have to put my toys up in a little while which all go into a big red box. I like doing that so my dad will not trip over them. Love to all, Jake

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JAKE and the shower

JAKE was so good on Sunday. At one point he was asleep while the choir was singing and he didn't even bat an eye.

Today he and I meet up with Courtney and Peggy for lunch and once again no problems to report.

JAKE is really the most amazing dog I have ever been around.
Around the house he will not let me out of his sight.

I gave JAKE a shower today before going out to lunch and I think I had as much dog soap on me as JAKE did!!
Tomorrow we are off to Leesburg to meet up with Terry for some more training.