Thursday, April 21, 2011

SonnyM-paws4vets: SONNY JAKE AND THE RV

Jake takes on the Camping World

Well folks, I went camping and spent two wonderful nights in the motor coach with the folks. Guess what??????? To my surprise, a queen size bed in the motor coach is smaller than the king size bed at home. However, I remained true to my faith and took up the same amount of room. Seems that the folks did not get the beauty rest that they desired since I remained in the middle and they got less room. Sorry about that. Meanwhile, I got to see things at Fort AP Hill, VA that I have never seen before. First, there were these two things romping in the field and the folks said they were deer. Sure were fast and they bounced a lot. Next, I managed to jump a ground hog or something to that effect while on my morning run. Scarred the poop out of me and I really dumped within 20 feet of that rascal but I figured I was safe when it went underground. Next there were these things called squirrels. They hit the trees and were gone. O'well, so much for playing with them but I got even with them by peeing on their tree. Then I went to the edge of the woods and a fire had burned all the bottom stuff off the ground. It left a funny smell and my nose has yet to clear up. From there, we moved to Fort Mead, MD for another night of "civil" camping. The camp grounds were very nice but that wasn't half the fun. On the way up, I beat Mom out of her seat and got to be the co-pilot slot for a few miles. Then Dad got out to get some gas in the coach and I got his seat. Sure can see a lot from being that high up in the sky. Then another restful night sleep in the queen size bed. The next day I helped clean the coach, we parked it in the lock up yard and then back into that eitty bitty truck for the ride home. I should tell you that I failed to get my morning and afternoon naps in while camping so when I got home, I was totally exhausted. I did not realize how much a camping trip would take away my energy from my very full life. I had fun and can not wait to do it again. Wonder if the folks will get a bigger bed? I can assure you that their hint of me sleeping on the sofa failed to make me impressed with that sleeping accommodation they had in mind. Till the next time, Camper Jake.

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