Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Got into the car yesterday and I took note that we also had our suitcase so I started looking for my food bag. Once I was sure that it was in the car I started to look around to see where we were headed.
We stayed in the motel and I was very happy to see there was a king size bed which I had to check out because I was in the car during the time I like to nap, so I felt it was the right thing to do.

This morning much to my surprise we went back to Hazelton and I got to see all my old dog friends.
All the ladies were saying hi and of course telling me how beautiful I was, but really that was old news because everyone has always know that about me . The best thing about the day was when I saw Jennifer come walking down the stairs . I was so happy to see her again that I almost peed myself!!!
Sonny and Jennifer worked on a new task for me to learn. I go and pick up a special phone and take it to Sonny when he falls so he can call 911.
After lunch I got to play with my old play buddy Hayden, the last time we played she was still a pup but today she sits around 120lbs and was able to body slam me to the floor. I think Jennifer should look into sending Hayden to the NFL draft I am sure she would go on round 1!!!!!!!!!
I worked so hard today that I feel the need to hit the bed.
It was really GREAT to see everyone I can't wait to come back in may as long as Hayden does't use me as her play toy. A guy has to watch out for rep after all.


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