Thursday, April 21, 2011

SonnyM-paws4vets: SONNY JAKE AND THE RV

Jake takes on the Camping World

Well folks, I went camping and spent two wonderful nights in the motor coach with the folks. Guess what??????? To my surprise, a queen size bed in the motor coach is smaller than the king size bed at home. However, I remained true to my faith and took up the same amount of room. Seems that the folks did not get the beauty rest that they desired since I remained in the middle and they got less room. Sorry about that. Meanwhile, I got to see things at Fort AP Hill, VA that I have never seen before. First, there were these two things romping in the field and the folks said they were deer. Sure were fast and they bounced a lot. Next, I managed to jump a ground hog or something to that effect while on my morning run. Scarred the poop out of me and I really dumped within 20 feet of that rascal but I figured I was safe when it went underground. Next there were these things called squirrels. They hit the trees and were gone. O'well, so much for playing with them but I got even with them by peeing on their tree. Then I went to the edge of the woods and a fire had burned all the bottom stuff off the ground. It left a funny smell and my nose has yet to clear up. From there, we moved to Fort Mead, MD for another night of "civil" camping. The camp grounds were very nice but that wasn't half the fun. On the way up, I beat Mom out of her seat and got to be the co-pilot slot for a few miles. Then Dad got out to get some gas in the coach and I got his seat. Sure can see a lot from being that high up in the sky. Then another restful night sleep in the queen size bed. The next day I helped clean the coach, we parked it in the lock up yard and then back into that eitty bitty truck for the ride home. I should tell you that I failed to get my morning and afternoon naps in while camping so when I got home, I was totally exhausted. I did not realize how much a camping trip would take away my energy from my very full life. I had fun and can not wait to do it again. Wonder if the folks will get a bigger bed? I can assure you that their hint of me sleeping on the sofa failed to make me impressed with that sleeping accommodation they had in mind. Till the next time, Camper Jake.

Sunday, April 17, 2011



Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Got into the car yesterday and I took note that we also had our suitcase so I started looking for my food bag. Once I was sure that it was in the car I started to look around to see where we were headed.
We stayed in the motel and I was very happy to see there was a king size bed which I had to check out because I was in the car during the time I like to nap, so I felt it was the right thing to do.

This morning much to my surprise we went back to Hazelton and I got to see all my old dog friends.
All the ladies were saying hi and of course telling me how beautiful I was, but really that was old news because everyone has always know that about me . The best thing about the day was when I saw Jennifer come walking down the stairs . I was so happy to see her again that I almost peed myself!!!
Sonny and Jennifer worked on a new task for me to learn. I go and pick up a special phone and take it to Sonny when he falls so he can call 911.
After lunch I got to play with my old play buddy Hayden, the last time we played she was still a pup but today she sits around 120lbs and was able to body slam me to the floor. I think Jennifer should look into sending Hayden to the NFL draft I am sure she would go on round 1!!!!!!!!!
I worked so hard today that I feel the need to hit the bed.
It was really GREAT to see everyone I can't wait to come back in may as long as Hayden does't use me as her play toy. A guy has to watch out for rep after all.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


USO Interview,

Today, two representatives from the USO came to the condo to accomplish an interview for a future story in a USO correspondence that goes around the world. The objective was to interview the family and how Jake has integrated into our lives. Jake mastered the interview process with ease. He enjoyed the attention, had his picture taken and showed how he has mastered various household tasks. Jake demonstrated draging Sonny's medical bag from the bed room to the living room, bringing keys to Sonny while on his scooter and how to proceed down the hall next to the scooter and how to properly enter and exit an elevator. The conversation also centered around the excellent training Jake received through the paws4vets organization. We are all looking farward to the article and hope it will demonstrate the importance dogs have on the lives of service members and civilians to help accomplish simple yet difficult task around the household. Jake and the other service animals all help improve the quality of life for the person they are helping.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SonnyM-paws4vets: SonnyM

Hi Everyone,

What a weekend. Peggy, Jake and I attended the Kena Klowns Klown A Rama 2011 at the Dullas Hilton. This was a Shriner event and there were over a 100 klowns from the Mid Atlantic Klown Association in attendance. This would mean Shriner Klowns from the mid Atlantic states. Events included such activities as one to five man skits, makeup contest, balloon making contest, other events and lots of food, drink and fellowship. However, the highlight of the weekend was my friend Jake. We arrived one day early to get the lay of the land and Jake was most welcomed by the Hilton staff. He enjoyed his first evening by sitting under the dinner table in the bar area and never made a sound. His delight was sharing the king size bed with Peggy and I and having the room ice bucket as his own drinking fountain. Friday was full of surprises and his third birthday. Peggy and I were assigned to help man the registration table along with two other klowns. Jake took his turn sitting in a chair behind the welcome table and managed to say hello to most of the klowns and their wives when they arrived----except for the nap times under the welcome table. Everyone enjoyed saying HELLO to Jake and thought he was a beautiful animal. That evening, a hospitality room was set up and Jake got his first ride to the third floor in a glass elevator. I was not able to see the front of Jake as he looked out the glass onto the main hotel room, but my bet would have been a very large set of eyes looking all around with amazement. Jake attended the balloon competition on Saturday and was not impressed with the various artwork that was being created. The only upsetting thing during that competition were the various balloons that popped when twisted to tight by the klowns in forming such things as bicycles, dogs, butterflies and the like. Jake had settled in under a table and truly enjoyed another nap. Jake made a new friend in the Hilton's Director of Human Resources. She liked dogs and did not understand the numerous certifications that a paws4vets service dog had to accomplish. Jake was proud to show her his service dog tag and she made a copy to keep in reserve for future needs. At a Hilton hotel, ADA certified service dogs stay in the rooms free of charge while all other animals must pay a 75 dollar fee. The Director stated many people come into the hotel and claim their companion dog is a service dog. Jake was very instrumental in setting the record straight, showed her his tag and registration certificate and was pleased to inform the Director that any future companion dog should not be called a service dog and should be charged the 75 dollar fee. With that, Jake went back down the hall to the Klown hospitality room. Jake was also invited to attend the September klown outing at Virginia Beach, another famous gathering of Shriner Klowns for a Feztastic weekend. For the benefit of Jake, this weekend he managed to keep his cool while lots of folks talked to him, learned how to sleep under a table with all forms of activities ongoing, rode a glass enclosed elevator, attended several classes where folks were making lots of noise, was subjected to a lot of people food and never begged for any and mastered the art of helping run a registration table. Additionally, he learned how to pose for many pictures. All and all, it was an enjoyable weekend and Jake is ready to do it again, however, he is totally exhausted and asleep on the floor--again.