Monday, March 14, 2011


MEMO TO ALL PAWS4VET DOGS: My name is Jake and I have a few words to say to all dogs. My boss took me to the Vet clinic to get updates on all my shots the other afternoon. He lied about how easy things were going to be. First off, the vet tech stuck this glass rod up my you know where, somewhat to the rear of my body and slightly below my tail. Then he took it out and said I was just fine. Easy for him to say. That was not fun and it got worse from there. The vet guy had a chain around his neck and that scared me so right away I did not like this guy. He made me very uneasy and this metal type table was very slick and I could not get any traction to get away. I was trapped. Then this gang of folks shot some stuff up my nose which I did not appreciate at all. I snorted, but that did not help the matter. At that point, the military girl grabbed my nose and I almost got snuffed out before she would let me take a gulp of air. At last, I was breathing again and I felt much better. Again, this girl said it was for the best, whatever that means. Then all of a sudden, this man held me by my harness and the girl brought this big and I mean big pointed thing next to me and rammed it down the back of my neck. She said it was for my own protection to be internationally micro chipped. Well, I didn't see her get micro chipped so how do I know it was for my own good. Then this fellow said things were almost over when this girl pulled my lose skin up off the back of my neck and drilled me again with this sharp pointed object. Not sure what it was, but she rubbed my back and I felt much better. She also said it was all over and I had been a good boy. Not sure how much worse it could get, then I found out later. I got home and was sore, did not feel good and had bad poops for several days. As a warning to all dogs, if your owner says you are going to the vet and says it is for your own good, be careful and be sure to tuck your tail. Love to all, Jake.

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