Monday, March 14, 2011


Good Evening,

Jake has had an exciting week. Courtney and I took Jake to the Fort Belvoir, VA Vet clinic and had an update on all his shots to include spray up the nose, new rabies shots, a batch of other shots and then an international micro chip inserted. Jake did not like the civilian vet tech but thought the military vet tech as really nice. The civilian tech was wearing a neckless and Jake did not approve of this chain hanging in his face. This is the second time we have run into this problem. As a result, the military vet tech had to come in and finish the shots wehile the civilisan vet tech maintained control of Jake. He did not do anything wrong, but was very uneasy. It should be noted that we can handle Jake much better with a top hook harness vs a harness where the lead is put on his chest.Helikes that much better and can be controlled much easier. On this oming Wednesday, Jake, Terry Henry and I are going to visit the National Rehab Hospital and then cross over the street and go to the VA center in NW DC. Should be an interesting day. Have a great evening. Sonny

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