Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jake has a few words to say

Evening all,

My name is Jake and I came to live with Sonny and Peggy just 13 days ago and boy what a change in my life there has been. First, I can tell you that life is much easier living in a condo instead of on top of a hill in WVA. I am getting two squares a day with lots of treats for doing odd jobs that I was trained for. Thus far, I have managed to open doors, get socks and shoes, bring sticks, get keys, run a mile a day on a lead, learn how to get on and off elevators, go through doors and how to not bark in the condo. Every day there seems to be greater things for me to accomplish. First I learned how to walk on a balcony that is 16 stories up and the view is fantastic, however, looking through the glass is not all that fun. I have managed to walk to the edge and look down, but the birds flying by gave me a scare. Nobody said I had to be brave. I have gotten brushed every day, had my teeth brushed and then Sonny put after shave lotion, or something like that, behind my ears. Took me all day to get the smell to go away. Meanwhile, I have learned my way throughout the condo and around the complex. There are 4 buildings that all look alike, but my smellier tells me which one I actually live in. Sonny tells me that I can never go out exit on G level again since I screwed up the exit and got all messed up with some other dogs who were also trying to exit the elevator. Live and learn. Meanwhile, I know I am restricted to exit B2 and the front door from now on. At my specified dog walk, I have run into several nice dogs as well as nice folks. I do not mind going out to the dog walk except when it is cold, wet, raining or the like of other kinds of weather. I think my dad says I am a warm weather hot house dog. Guess I better get with the program and learn what else I can get into tonight. I have to put my toys up in a little while which all go into a big red box. I like doing that so my dad will not trip over them. Love to all, Jake

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