Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jake has a few words to say about Sonny

I would like to say a few words about Sonny falling. This folks is getting old. I know Sonny is not happy about falling so much, but I seem to be having to come to his rescue more and more. Then again, I received some of my training to accomplish this rescue effort and I am most appreciative of the training I have received. This time, Sonny did not knock himself out, and this was good. When he started moving, he told me to speak several times and at first, I did not realize or believe he was saying those words. Then I realized what was being said and started a bark each time he said "Speak". Peggy heard me and then came running. There was this great feeling of joy which overcame me when I realized I did my job and executed the training I had received to the letter. I would like to thank Sonny for making me look so good. Take Care, Jake

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