Friday, February 25, 2011

Outing with JAKE

Started out this morning with Terry who had come to check on what all was going with JAKE.
The three of us got ready to on post. Before we left JAKE picked up the car keys and brought them to me while I was getting my coat, then JAKE went and got his lead, jumped up in my lap to be hooked up got down, open the front door and we were off . Got to the P.X. and there was noise everywhere, even live music!!
Jake and I did our shopping and had no trouble at the check out. Then we headed to the food court and ordered a bit of lunch told JAKE to say under the table and then I had to fill my coke glass and good old Jake never moved he just sat under the table and waited for me to come back.
Terry tagged along about 20 feet behind and when we had lunch he watched from across the food court. We also stopped and picked medication, which of course meant standing line again. JAKE sat down and just looked at the people. We both came home and are really tired BUT
Terry didn't take JAKE back, so I guess I am doing alright for now. Tomorrow I have the Doctor at Fort Meyer and I will be doing this one on my own. Whish me luck !! JAKE is truly outstanding and we can't get over he has just fits in and helps with my daily life

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  1. awww that's great!!! I'm so happy you and Jake have found each other - looks like a perfect match! Love ya - Cindy